Hotsheet Newsletter Retired!

After much “soul-searching” and discussion within the office we have decided to retire the Hotsheet newsletter in favour of more modern forms of communication. As you might imagine, writing The Hotsheet was time-consuming. We introduced it when the internet was still relatively new and social media hadn’t even been invented.

With the readership numbers now dwindling we have taken the decision to terminate the Hotsheet with immediate effect … “HOTSHEET – you’re FIRED!”. We sent the last Hotsheet in February 2014.

If you have any thoughts or comments on the demise of our Hotsheet then I would be interested to hear them. You can reach me (Steve Page) at However, we are certainly not deserting you. We have several other channels of communication for you to choose from depending on your requirements. Please see below for details.

Seltek on Linkedin

Follow our Linkedin company page. Of all the options available to you this will most closely replicate what we were sending out with the Hotsheet. You’ll see a mixture of news stories from the life science industry, career, job, interview related tips and advice. There’s also a weekly post showing the jobs registered during the previous week.

Seltek on Facebook

Our Facebook page is very similar to our Linkedin page. Again you’ll see a mixture of news stories from the life science industry along with career, job and interview tips & advice.
The main difference is that jobs will be posted daily as we receive them rather than in a weekly “round-up”. Choose this option if your job search is more urgent.

Seltek on Twitter

Cut out the waffle!!! All the news stories from the life science industry along with interview, career, jobs, tips and advice in 140 characters or less.


What if I don’t “DO” social media?

You can continue to receive jobs by email! Simply subscribe for our jobs by email and select the weekly or daily option.

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The Hotsheet Archives Are Still Available Below