Careers With Seltek

Hello!  So you’re sufficiently intrigued in the idea of working in recruitment to have clicked onto this page. Well, welcome!  Let me give you a snapshot of what careers in recruitment might be like.

My name is Guy Buncombe.  Following my graduation in science and three unhappy and largely unsuccessful years working as a science teacher in the east end of London, I fell into recruitment.  I was looking for a job as a van driver to help bolster the family budget, when the agency I’d registered with offered me a job in the office.  I took the job because it was warmer and safer than driving round London.

As it turned out, I’d stumbled upon a form of work that suited me, and which I seemed to be quite good at!

Five years and two jobs later, I started Seltek Consultants Ltd with my long time friend and colleague Rod Lock.

Thirty seven years and – at a guess – 10,000 interviews later, I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every day of my working life since 8th October 1979, except one.

What’s so good about careers in recruitment I hear you ask?  Well, in no particular order:

  • The chance to earn a well-above average income
  • Working with like-minded, enthusiastic and entertaining colleagues
  • Providing a much-needed service to a grateful clientele
  • Interviewing and talking to a wide variety of interesting candidates
  • Constantly entwined in the warp and the weft of the rich tapestry of human existence!

Less interested?  Still interested?  More interested!? Read on