Interview Advice and Tips for Success

Seltek has been providing interview advice and tips to candidates (and employers) since 1985. In this time we have accumulated a huge amount of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. Below you’ll find just some of this information which is freely available for personal use. If you would like to use this information for any other purpose (on your own website for example) please contact our Commercial Manager, Steve Page –

Alternative Careers for Scientists I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here!!!!!  Many people, having completed their BSc, MSC or PhD, or perhaps having completed one or more post doctoral assignments, feel that laboratory work is no longer for them.
Create a Brag File! When you enter the job market it is important to realise that you will be competing with many others, and you must prepare to make hiring managers aware of your many virtues. In other words, you must prepare to ‘sell’ yourself! As well as writing a good CV, you should create a folder of documents which identify you as a person of considerable merit.
Interview Advice Making your job interview successful
Win at Interviews How to win out at interviews
Telephone Interviews Preparing for a telephone interview
Second Interview Good news! You’ve been offered a second interview for a job you’d like to do, at a company you would like to join. But don’t go choosing your new company car just yet, you still have work to do.
Just Graduated? You’ve just graduated and are wondering “what on earth do I do now?” Here’s how to get your career going!
Personality Profiling Discover what your future employer may be reading about you.
Prepare for a Career in Sales You’re attracted to the idea of a career in sales. Perhaps you have friends or relatives who are enjoying and being successful in a sales career. Perhaps you’ve heard of the fortunes that can be made in a sales job. Or maybe it’s just that you’re fed up with your own job, and you’re considering sales as one of a number of possible career options. Whichever is the case, here are a number of issues to think about, and a few things you can do to prepare for your first interview for a sales position.
NEVER Accept Counter Offers! If you choose to accept an offer and resign from your current employment, you must be prepared to resist powerful, persuasive tactics which your employer can use to change your mind.
CV Writing Some suggestions on how to write a good CV
Mock CV Here is the mock CV of a purely fictitious Gerald Fitzpatrick. This link will open in Microsoft Word and you can overwrite it with your own information and save it on your PC. To save the document to your PC without opening the document just right click on the title and select ‘save target as’.
Find a Job If you are out of work or are in need of a job, do not despair! There are many ways you can help yourself.
Sales Jobs Explained If you are new to the sales industry, here are some of the more common titles used and a general description of the roles they are likely to represent.
What DO Sales People do? What is selling? – The sales cycle!
Why Sales? More reasons to consider a sales career!
Final Interview Presentations Companies are more frequently asking candidates to make a presentation at the final interview in the hiring process. The purpose of this is…
Preparing to Start a New Job Congratulations! You’ve been offered a new job which you’ve accepted, you’ve resigned from your old post, and you’re preparing to start a new job. It’s time to sit back, relax, watch the entire five series of Breaking Bad on DVD, and do a bit of gardening to please the spouse. Right? Wrong!