A Selection of Testimonials From Our Candidates

We pride ourselves in providing an excellent service but feedback from candidates is vital for us and helps to let us know if we’re “getting it right”. If you have had experience of our service and would like to let us know how we’re doing, please complete our candidate feedback form.

My consultant was really polite and helpful and provided an excellent service. She helped me to prepare for an interview in a really professional and supportive way. I would strongly recommend Seltek to anyone that is looking for a job.


The Seltek team took the time to learn what I was interested in, and what would suit me. They found me appropriate jobs and helped me with my interview preparation thoroughly. The advice and support I got was very helpful during my career change, making it smoother and providing me with a job I’m very happy doing.


Still the best recruitment consultants, thank you for helping another generation of Hubbards on their new career. Best wishes to Guy all the team.


My consultant was really helpful and polite at all times. Always pleasant to speak to and she provided really good advice in terms of helping me prepare for my interviews. She was always on hand to answer all my queries in a timely fashion. She has been a great support from the start of my job search and is providing continued support with my transition. This is the first time I have used a job agency and I would definitely recommend Seltek for a personal and supportive experience from start to finish.


The fact that my consultant suggested and advised on possible responses relating my situation shows that he was very keen in ensuring I was fully prepared and had a genuine interest in my specific field. I would not hesitate to recommend him and Seltek should the need arise.


My consultant was a particularly attentive consultant, offering relevant advice and really listening to my needs in order to prepare me for interviews. He returned calls and messages promptly and was understanding when I had delays in response due to work commitments.

I felt appreciated by Seltek and that, as an organisation, importance is placed of finding the right candidate for the right role.


I have over 20 years of sales experience and have 8 years’ experience of interviewing for my current team but “my consultant” gave me advice of how to answer questions that made me question my preconceived ideas. I value constructive advice and “the consultant” demonstrated his ability to help me put forward my strongest side.

K.N.Hereford & Worcester

Great support through the whole process. Very good and wise advice about preparation for the interview. Thank you Phil. You did a fabulous job.


This was my first experience with a recruiting agency and I have to say it couldn’t have been better, Caroline helped me building my CV, found me a suitable position and helped me in every single step of the interview process. They are also helping me to relocate for my new position and they made sure everything was smooth during the whole process, so for me they did a superb job. I could not ask for more.


First conf call contact was great. My consultant was so nice and smiling 🙂 Good active listening !


Seltek consultants provide an excellent service. They make the job seekers feel looked after since the beginning of the recruitment process to the moment of the interview. Advice provided to get ready for the interview is invaluable.


Caroline Searby has been incredibly helpful from the moment we first spoke about what I was looking for to the interview and feed back. She is forthcoming and always there when you need her to be. I have encountered a lot of recruiters through out my career but no one compares with Caroline. She is incredibly supportive and will go the extra mile to make sure one is ready for the interview. She is also very positive and friendly and will read all the notes or slides that you may need for your interview!

I also interacted with my consultant a few times, he was just as helpful as Caroline. For me this shows that Seltek staff are really committed to help and will go the extra mile for the candidates.

I would definitely recommend Seltek to anyone that is looking for a job.

I have had a such a wonderful experience with Seltek that I can’t think of anything they need to improve on. Keep doing what you are doing!


My consultant took great care about getting to know my requirements, needs and expectations from the moment of registration, then allowed time to establish mutual understanding. Matched well my complex job requirements and abilities to available position. Swiftly responded to the actual application. Knowledgeably shared information about potential employer expectations and that really helped me to prepare for an interview. I was also taught a new element of interviewing practice. Closing the interview helped to maintain the dynamics of the meeting until the end. There was very professional and efficient communication during entire application process. The process felt refreshingly customer orientated and respectful.


I have to admit that the overall service towards me it was superb!!
I had the opportunity to speak with my consultant and she was extremely helpful, with superior service and very professional!!

I would recommend strongly your company to other friends both National and in European level.


I was provided with insight into what the company were seeking from a prospective employee. This allowed me, with help from Seltek, to better present myself and ensure that my strengths were fully expressed.


The service from Seltek was truly outstanding. I thank you for the help you have provided me to help me into employment and feel that my consultant was a knowledgeable, extremely polite and friendly person. The level of knowledge gained from this experience of working with my consultant was exceptional and her support was greatly appreciated.


She did a really great job on preparing me for the interviews, not just generic tips, but individually adjusted and had a very motivational and positive attitude.


The preparation for the interviews was very good and helpful. The feedback after an interview helped me a lot to improve for further interviews and to learn from my mistakes.


Caroline has been friendly and professional throughout the entire time we have been in contact. She listened carefully to the type of role I am looking for and matched my skills to open positions. Once I was able to get an interview Caroline gave me invaluable help to prepare for all the interviews. After the interviews were finished I appreciated getting feedback on how I had done and what the next steps were. Applying for jobs can be stressful and it is hard at times to know what employers expect from you. Caroline’s help made the entire process more comfortable and increased the chances of success.


Dr Caroline Searby did a great job in preparing me for the interview. She was very helpful in answering all my questions and very knowledgeable in all the aspects of the job offer. She was very precise in scheduling the interview according with my availability. I feel very well supported by her.