Trainee Recruitment Consultant

Job Description

Briefly, the job of a recruitment consultant comprises:

  • Find clients
  • Find candidates
  • Match candidates to jobs
  • Arrange interviews
  • Make things happen!

Initially, you will work alongside an experienced consultant to assist in the information gathering required to place candidates into positions for clients.
As you become proficient in each part of the rôle, more responsibility will be given to you until you are able to perform the entire task, which comprises:

Discover companies with recruitment requirements in a relevant industry sector and at a relevant level: either by following diarised leads, by marketing placeable candidates, by following leads from press advertisements or other sources.

Identify and make contact with the decision-makers and persuade them to use Seltek Consultants to perform the recruitment task, on our terms.

Take a full job order/job description/candidate specification.  Research and gather company information, brochures, annual reports.

If required, visit the client.  Choose the correct approach to the work depending on circumstances: Retained Search (headhunting assignment), Advertising Selection (client-paid advertising in trade or national press), or database search (providing candidates already on file with Seltek, on a contingency – no sale, no fee – basis.)

Research the relevant market place and compile a list of companies in which the ideal candidate might be found.

Discover the names of people in these companies who may have the skills necessary to do the job in question.

Contact the candidates to present the opportunity, and gauge their level of interest in a potential career move.

Conduct an initial profiling interview of the interested candidates over the telephone.

Check references of the candidates most suitable for the job.  Whilst in conversation, offer the services of Seltek Consultants to the referee either as a potential client or as a potential candidate, and always to ask for referrals and elicit useful business information.

Draw up a shortlist of appropriate candidates.

Conduct face to face interviews with shortlisted candidates, either in the office, or in a convenient location.

Present the candidates’ information to the client either over the telephone or face to face.

Arrange interviews.

Conduct first interview briefing and de-briefing discussions with both candidates and client.

Arrange second interviews if appropriate, conducting briefing and de-briefing discussions as before.

Assist client in the decision-making process.

Conduct salary negotiations.

Advise client on offer procedures, and candidate on resignation procedures.

Monitor both parties carefully until the start-date.

Monitor both parties at intervals throughout the first year of employment.

Market ‘placeable’ candidates discovered by search, but not placed in the assignment.
Liaise with candidates regarding relevant ‘target’ companies, to offer them:
a) the candidate  b)  our services – either as client or candidate, as before.

Review C.V.s sent to us by respondents to advertising. Telephone interview all relevant people.  Reference check all candidates.  Market placeable candidates, as before.

Constantly log all relevant information on card index and/or computer files.

Write advertising copy.

Attend industry shows and exhibitions.

Conduct salary and other business surveys either for Seltek’s benefit or on behalf of clients.

Keep picking up the telephone!

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