What are the rewards of working with Seltek Consultants Ltd

  • Up to £40,000 for an experienced recruiter with experience in a similar discipline
  • Open ended bonus which will yield up to £50,000 (uncapped) for an experienced recruiter
  • A full package of employment benefits including pension, healthcare and expenses.
  • Full and constant training for all employees
  • Corporate membership of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, offering training, advice and legal support
  • The opportunity to develop your own department, and continue to grow it to the limits of your ability

And finally…

As you have probably gathered by now, I believe we can offer a fantastic and rewarding career! But make no mistake, this is no easy option. There is a high turnover in our industry of recruiters who don’t make the grade or leave because it’s not for them. To become a successful recruiter requires hard work, some personal sacrifice, and, very often, a move outside your comfort zone.


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