Chariots of Fire 2016

Chariots of Fire 2016

Team Seltek are running again in this year’s Chariots of Fire 2016 event, this Sunday 18th September. We had a huge amount of fun last year so are doing it all over again. Chariots of Fire is one of Cambridgeshire’s largest annual charity events. Teams of six each run a 1.7-mile course in a relay format. The charity race follows in the heroic footsteps of the famous film “Chariots of Fire”. The film tells the story of Harold Abrahams, a Cambridge runner, and his bid to win a gold medal in the 1924 Olympics. It includes the iconic scene of the race around Trinity College Great Court. This year, all proceeds from the race are going to the Papworth Hospital Charity, so please head over to our Just Giving page and support Papworth Hospital.

Why Papworth?

In response to the worldwide shortage of donor hearts for transplantation, a research team at Papworth Hospital has developed a new technique that significantly increases the number of hearts available for transplantation.

The research shows that heart transplants from a new group of potential donors – known as DCD transplantation or ‘Non-Beating Heart Transplantation’ – could save hundreds of lives internationally as the heart transplant waiting list continues to grow. This innovative technique has enabled surgeons at Papworth to utilise donor hearts which were previously considered too damaged to transplant.

For many people their only hope of life is a transplant; however, in 2015 1,300 people died waiting for an organ.The DCD programme at Papworth could increase the number of hearts available for transplantation by almost 50% but without a national programme to provide funding, Papworth Hospital is relying solely on the generosity of charitable donations.

So Who’s Running?

Sajedeh Zand-Lashani

Saj – this is the second year for Saj, and no doubt she’ll glide round the course as serenely as she did last year.

Dr Caroline Searby

Caroline – this is the second year for Caroline too. Our resident runner but she’ll be running with a minor foot injury AND following a late night at a wedding reception so this may be more challenging for her than usual!

Steve Page

Steve – first year for Steve and frankly last year he wouldn’t have been able to run for a bus! By far our oldest runner, however, he’s lost 3 stones and been training. Since the competition may be lame and hungover he could just be in with a chance!

Badma Rajan

Badma – a new team member for Seltek and Badma’s first year in the race. An unknown quantity this one but if she attacks this race with the same enthusiasm she shows for recruitment she’ll certainly be one to watch out for!

Guy Buncombe

Guy – well OK, Guy is not actually running. A minor operation a few weeks ago forces him to retire from the race. However, he’s sending his son Peter Buncombe. Actually, it’s Peter’s second year running for seltek in this race. As a consummate photographer, he’ll also be recording this event for us.

Rod Lock

Rod – another contestant ducking out on … er – why aren’t you running again Rod???  Rod is sending his daughter Georgia Lock to run in his place. YES – that Georgia Lock!

So, watch this space! I’ll be posting more on runners times and cash raised after the event. Wish us luck or better still head over to our just giving page and support Papworth Hospital!


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