Advanced Search

Advanced Keyword Searching for Jobs

This is an extremely capable search system and whilst simply entering a list of words will return a list of jobs, using some of the following advanced features will enable you to focus more quickly on the jobs you require.

  • ‘and’s &
    ‘or’s may be used in any combination with the help of {}. Also it is possible to
    search for phrases in various ways.EG: {biotechnology or molecular or biology}
    {sales or applications}

    Note that ‘OR’ is assumed, but it may be entered explicitly as ‘or’ or ‘|’.

    EG chairman | president

    ‘AND’ may be written as ‘and’ or ‘&’.

  • You can also use ‘NOT’. It may be written as ‘AND NOT’ or ‘&!’ or ‘& !’ or ‘BUT NOT’ or ‘EXCLUDE’EG {manager but not “Junior Manager”}
  • Search for phrases using quotes “”. EG.Molecular biology – will return jobs containing the words molecular or biology

    “Molecular biology” – will only return jobs containing the phrase ‘molecular biology’.

  • Case (upper or lower) is unimportant.
  • {} may be nested.EG:{{sales | “key accounts ” } & biotechnology} |
    {{manager | “sales director”} & proteomics}
  • You can use wild cards, so long a word does not begin with one. Wild cards
    can also be used within phrases EG: “Account Manag*”
  • Do not use the same word twice in the one phrase …EG “The cat sat on the mat” will not work, but
    $The cat sat on mat$ will.
  • Some common words are ignored automatically – ‘by’, ‘with’ &
    ‘from’ but will be used in phrase