How To Make 2014 The Best Year Ever!

  1. I’m going to find a job!
  2. I’m going to put my graduation to good use!
  3. I’m going to find a job which will give me full training!
  4. I’m going to earn £30K + in my first year, £40K+ in my second year, and £50K+ thereafter!
  5. I’m going to work in a job which will enable me to use my initiative and really make things happen!
  6. I’m going to enjoy helping people at all levels in the high-tech community to solve their problems!
  7. I’m going to join a happy, fun-loving, hard-working team!
  8. I’m going to live near Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire, half an hour from London and Cambridge!
  9. I’m going to join Seltek Consultants as a Trainee Consultant!
  10. I’m going to contact Scott Peacock on 01279 657716 or and tell him why I’d succeed as a recruiter!

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