Badma Rajan

Badma acquired a BSc in Molecular Biology and an MSc in Neuroscience at the University of London, before studying Molecular Neurobiology to PhD level in Zurich, Switzerland. Her experience working at NPOs including CRUK and The Wellcome Trust shows her compassionate nature.

An adventurous traveller in her spare time, she has enjoyed paragliding off of the Alps, SCUBA diving in the Caribbean seas, hiking to various summits across the UK, Switzerland and India, and ice-picking across glaciers in Iceland. She is clearly a ball of energy and a firm believer of living life to the fullest.

Full of positivity and motivating spirit, she will work hard with you to secure the role you need. In her time with Seltek she has built a dedicated following of candidates and client companies that will only work with her, so if she’s looking after you, you’re in safe hands!