Khadija Ouadi

Khadija has recently joined us from the University of Bath, after embarking on an MPhil in Microbiology and dipping her toe into the world of academic research. Prior to that, she enjoyed a busy undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics, where she gained experience in a wealth of different disciplines, from synthetic biology (with her research team winning gold in the well-known iGEM competition) to developmental biology, alongside being a committee member, trainer and volunteer at the student welfare charity Nightline.

Outside of work, she indulges her wide taste in music by singing in a variety of local choirs, from chamber to gospel music. She’s also a yogi-in-training, who “enjoys” stretching her limbs to the point of agony at ungodly hours of the morning!

A little known fact about Khadija: she was once carried over a river by a group of marines. Ask her nicely and she might tell you a bit more about it!!

Please contact her on 01279 657716 or