New Website for Seltek Consultants – Sneak Preview

Seltek has had a presence on the internet since 1997. Here’s a snapshot of our website in April 1999 from the

Wayback Machine … even the Wayback Machine doesn’t go back to 1997!

We’ve always designed and developed the website in-house and have no plans to change that in the near future. “Managing the website in-house gives us a level of control that would be impossible if we were to hand it over to a web design company” says IT Manager – Steve Page. In the very early days, the website was developed using the free WYSIWYG editor that came with Netscape Navigator (when Netscape was king of the browsers and nobody had even heard of Internet Explorer!). More recently we’ve used Dreamweaver for the clean HTML coding it generates. And we’ve ALWAYS focused on speed and ease of use in preference to slow loading images or flash presentations.

All Change

Things have moved on a great deal on the internet since then, especially in the last few years, so it’s time for a new approach and a new website.  Actually we’ve been developing the new site for months – same emphasis on ease of use but with a dash of colour! For the first time EVER we’ve introduced pictures. And whilst we will continue to use Dreamweaver as a tool for generating specific HTML code we have moved the whole website onto a content management system. This gives us access to all sorts of functionality and design capability that we’ve never had before.

Your Views

The site is a work-in-progress; we’re still working on an exciting new way for you to access and apply for jobs for example. But the basic design and layout is there so we’re offering you a sneak preview of the site and inviting you to provide us with your thoughts and feedback before it goes “live”. Since it is you that will be using the site, it is important to us that you find it easy and pleasant to use and that it has all the functionality and content that you need. You can find the new website here and the form to relay your feedback if you wish here.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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