Science jobs from Seltek Consultants
Science jobs from Seltek Consultants

Specialising in science jobs, Seltek Consultants have been recruiting since 1985. Click the button below to browse all our current vacancies.

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About Seltek

And how we came to specialise in science jobs

In 1985, Seltek opened its first office in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire. From the outset we concentrated on sales and technical jobs – even the name Seltek is derived from the words “Sell” and “Technical”. We filled science jobs from the beginning. But we also worked in many other areas including electronic components, telecoms, factory automation and construction. In the 1980s any kind of specialisation was unusual. Most recruiters of that era were generalist agencies working on anything from A to Z.

The Seltek formulae proved successful, demonstrated by rapid growth and the opening of new offices in Cambridge, Maidenhead and Dunstable. There was even a second office in Cambridge, a dedicated staff training centre.

Growth continued until the early 1990s recession. The market changed and so did the recruitment industry. Seltek reshaped its business model; we decided to specialise even more and to develop a knowledge base that would help protect us from future recessions. It was at this point that Seltek left many of the market areas that we were working in to concentrate on science jobs. We still focused on sales and commercial jobs as we always had, but the emphasis would be very much on the life science and biotech market. The consultants we have since recruited are mainly scientists themselves, enabling them to fully understand the needs of our clients. Our client base changed dramatically, following the “Pareto Principle“, with 80% of our business coming from a small percentage of key clients.

This methodology has continued to the present day. We are now building much more meaningful relationships with our customers. Our clients genuinely respect our advice, coming as it does from degree or PhD qualified consultants, some with many years experience in the industry. In the end it is this knowledge and empathy that will protect us (and other recruiters working in the same way) from future recessions. This is why clients and candidates keep returning to us to satisfy their recruitment needs rather than doing it themselves via job boards or social media.

Our decision to focus on science jobs has paid off! Most pundits seem to agree that the 2008 – 2012 recession is over. We’re still here, ready to take advantage of improving economic conditions. So if you’re looking for the next step in your commercial science career or you’re a manager with science jobs to fill, then call us now – 01279 657716. Be confident in the knowledge you’ll deal with a well established recruitment company and will be supported by knowledgeable consultants who are familiar with your industry.

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