Our Science Recruitment Service to Clients

When speaking with our clients, we have found that employers’  three key concerns when dealing with science recruitment are:

  • Seeing candidates who both match their requirements and are well briefed and interested in an opportunity
  • Being given honest advice
  • Giving feedback during the recruitment process at agreed times
Our science recruitment service to clients
Our service to clients

So that’s what we do. There’s no hard sell. We won’t make exaggerated claims, but just aim to do the things you would expect of us efficiently and with good humour.

The majority of our work is provided on a ‘no placement-no fee’ basis.

You are probably familiar with this basic recruitment agency model which offers the lowest risk. You don’t pay until we have found and you have selected and taken on a candidate. This method works well in most cases. However, a word of warning. If you decide to instruct more than one agency, there is a risk that you may receive a CV of the same candidate from two or more agents, particularly if they are working in a specialist niche.  It is often assumed, incorrectly, that you have an obligation to proceed with the agency which sent the CV first. The legal position is that you as the potential employer have the right to choose which agency to deal with. For example, you may feel that the agency who sent the CV last may have spent more time interviewing,  qualifying and ensuring that the candidate is interested in your opportunity before sending the CV, and is more deserving of your business. However you do need to notify promptly the agents you decide not to use that you have rejected their terms, otherwise you may be liable to two fees.

However to avoid this scenario, particularly for positions which require a scarce combination of skills and experience, we recommend that we carry out a retained search, or give us exclusivity. This means that you get a dedicated and painstaking search through all social media, the internet, our own database and industry knowledge. It is highly likely that the individual you want is not actively looking for a career move- after all, successful senior executives and indeed salespeople are often just too busy to spend time  looking for new positions and applying to advertisements. However most of them will consider opportunities presented professionally to them if approached. We have a 90% success rate for retained and exclusive assignments.

Our Consultants will be pleased to discuss these options with you without any obligation or commitment. Just telephone us on 01279 657716 and we will explain the process and our fees in detail.

In the meantime, there is great advice and useful factsheets for employers on the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s web site here  www.rec.uk.com/employer