Contingency Database Search

Our clients – recruiting employers – and potential clients naturally want to know exactly how we will help them to find the best possible candidate using our contingency database search, in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of fuss.

This is how we do it:

Take a full job order

This is the key to successful recruitment! All our consultants are trained both in-house and by external training professionals such as the REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) on how to obtain a full understanding of the job. This will include finding out about the employer organization, the job description, a typical working week, the candidate description and a full benefits package. Clients will be asked about their previous recruitment efforts, and their interviewing procedures and preferences.

Terms explained

The Consultant will explain the recruitment method of choice (Retained Search, Advertising & Selection, Contingency Database Search) and the terms which will apply. Our terms can be found on our website.


A realistic recruitment schedule will be agreed which suits the client’s own diary, and allows Seltek to provide the level of service which customers have come to expect.

Further understanding

Using the internet and other library resources, further understanding of the client’s products, market and competitors is developed to give us a clear vision of the requirement, and the likely sources of the very best candidates.

Contingency Database Search

Our service to candidates
Our service to candidates

Candidate gathering

Candidates are gathered from a variety of sources. We have our own database, compiled over five years and measuring 50,000 +. Most of these candidates have been approached following recommendation and referral, and most of them are in work. They are therefore not the unhappy, unemployed people that tend to respond to advertising. They are successful high achievers who are basically happy in their job, but are open to a new opportunity, if they are approached in the proper manner by a professional recruiter.

In order to maximize the likelihood of finding the best candidate for our clients, we augment the database search by advertising the job on our own website and on a few carefully selected internet job-boards. Jobs are always advertised discretely, and no reference is made that will identify the client. The response to this advertising is vetted with the utmost care, as follows.

Every month we post out our Hotsheet (e-magazine) listing recent jobs to 9000+ industry professionals. This not only stimulates them to apply for jobs personally, but to forward the publication on the similar individuals.

Using our extensive network of contacts, we make direct approach to potential candidates to promote the opportunity and to recruit them for it if applicable.

In depth interviews

Our Consultants are highly trained both in-house and by professional industry bodies such as the REC. All potential candidates are interviewed over the telephone. Only those deemed appropriate for the position will be
told the identity of the client. If the client requires it, face to face interviews will be conducted with the selected candidates. Also, specific tests may be applied at the client’s request. Psychometric tests may be applied, although these may carry an additional cost.


At least one reference is taken on every candidate.

Report to client

Our preference is to report to clients as soon as suitable candidates are available. We will accumulate a shortlist of two or more suitable candidates, if this is required by the client. However, in a competitive
candidate-short market this approach means that clients run the risk of losing good candidates to other employers who are prepared to move quickly.

Whichever method is agreed, we supply clients with candidates’ C.V.s, references and a Consultant’s appraisal, which may be verbal or written. If tests have been applied, the results will be supplied at this time.

First interviews are set up, which may be at the client’s premises, in a neutral location or at Seltek’s premises. The use of our offices is offered free of charge.

Pre-interview briefing

Candidates are prepared thoroughly prior to the interview, and will be given a full job description as supplied to us by the client. They will be advised to research the company, its products, markets and competitors.
Our aim is that the client will not have to spend any time in the interview explaining about the company or the job. The time can then be better spent getting to know the candidate personally, and deciding how he or she will
fit in with the organization.

Similarly, clients are advised carefully before the interview. This is especially important when candidates have been headhunted specifically for the client. These candidates must be treated differently to candidates
who are unemployed, or who are actively looking for a new job, and clients are advised accordingly.

Post interview de-briefing

Candidates are encouraged to call us immediately after interviews, and we place great importance on relaying their feedback to clients as soon as possible after the event. Interview follow-up discussions are detailed
and taken with great care. We are prepared to act immediately and appropriately in the best interest of the client.

Further interviews/tests

Depending on the client’s requirements, second and subsequent interviews are set up and controlled as per the first interview. Tests, presentations are arranged if necessary, and both parties advised accordingly.

Broking the offer

Clients will have been advised carefully in advance about candidates’ salary requirements. We advise that clients extend offers through Seltek. In this way, difficult negotiations can be carried through to both parties’
satisfaction, without leading to any lasting ill feelings between potential colleagues.

Assisting with resignation

At Seltek we understand the critical nature of this moment. All the time spent and hard work that has led to this point can be undone by an effective counter-offer. As a standard practice, we counsel candidates from the very first conversation we have with them, about the dangers of accepting counter-offers, and the damage this can do their careers. We reiterate this throughout the entire placement process, and we take particular care to advise candidates about this at the point of resignation.

Before the start date

After the resignation, we keep in regular contact with both candidate and client until the start date, to ensure that all goes well. In a job-rich candidate-poor market, candidates will be exposed to other opportunities during this period, and we take care to shepherd them towards our client. We also advise candidates on what they can expect during their first few days with the client, as this too can be a sensitive period.

After the start date

Seltek’s service does not end on the day the bill is sent out! We regard the connection with our clients as the beginning of an indefinite partnership. To this end, we contact both candidate and client after one day, one week,
one month, and every three months after the start date, to ensure that all is well. Thereafter, both parties can expect a call from us about twice a year.