Retained Executive Search (Headhunting) – Life Sciences

Retained Executive Search (Headhunting) - Life Sciences
Retained Executive Search (Headhunting) – Life Sciences

Our clients – recruiting employers – and potential clients naturally want to know exactly how we will help them to find the best possible candidate in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of fuss.

This is how we do it:

Take a full job order

This is the key to successful recruitment! All our consultants are trained both in-house and by external training professionals such as the REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) on how to obtain a full understanding of the job. This will include finding out about the employer organization, the job description, a typical working week, the candidate description and a full benefits package. Clients will be asked about their previous recruitment efforts, and their interviewing procedures and preferences. Most of our consultants are degree qualified scientists (some even have PhDs) so they’ll understand what you’re looking for.

Terms explained

The Consultant will explain the recruitment method of choice (Retained Executive Search, Advertising & Selection, Contingency Database Search) and the terms which will apply. Our standard terms can be found on our website.

For a Retained Executive Search, the agreed fee (estimated) is divided into three. The first third is paid upon commencement of the project; the second third upon acceptance of the shortlist; the final third (adjusted to the exact fee) is payable when the offer to the successful candidate is accepted. All payments are non-refundable.


A realistic recruitment schedule will be agreed which suits the client’s own diary, and allows Seltek to provide the level of service which customers have come to expect.

Further understanding

Using the internet and other library resources, further understanding of the client’s products, market and competitors is developed to give us a clear vision of the requirement, and the likely sources of the very best candidates.

Retained Executive Search (Headhunting)

The advantages of this method of recruitment are:

  • Seltek treats Retained Assignments with the highest priority. We will work on these jobs before all contingency assignments, because of the commitment the client has shown to us.
  • Candidates discovered in the process will be exclusively the property of the client, until the candidate has been rejected. Even if we have other jobs for the candidate, we will not put them forward until the Client has made a decision about that candidate.


  • Meet with Client – take a full job and candidate profile
  • If required/necessary visit Client’s premises to understand/absorb company culture
  • Research marketplace and compile list of ‘target’ companies
  • Meet/discuss with Client to add /delete company names from the list
  • Identify potential candidates holding appropriate positions within the listed companies
  • Meet/discuss with Client to add/delete candidates to/from list
  • Approach candidates to ascertain their interest in a career opportunity and profile them
  • Identify the strongest candidates and collect their C.V.s
  • Conduct in-depth telephone interviews
  • Check references
  • Arrange face to face interviews with the potential shortlist candidates
  • Conduct psychometric tests if required
  • Arrange first interviews with Client
  • Brief candidates and Client before first interviews
  • De-brief candidates and Client after first interviews
  • Arrange second interviews
  • Brief candidates and Client before second interviews
  • De-brief candidates and Client after second interviews
  • Close and negotiate package and start date with Client
  • Close and negotiate package and start date with candidate
  • Offer/acceptance (verbal)
  • Offer/acceptance (writing)
  • Prepare candidate for resignation and counter-offer
  • Monitor candidate throughout period of notice
  • Monitor candidate and Client one day, one week, one month and three months after start
  • Keep in touch with both parties periodically thereafter

For more information on our retained executive search services, speak to one of our consultants on 01279 657716