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The biotech recruiter Seltek is a small company with a big reputation in the niche markets we work in: science and biotechnology sales and marketing, and clinical research. We take pride in being known as cheerful and positive people who place great importance on treating everyone the same way: with courtesy, respect and 100% enthusiasm. If, in your dealings with us, we fall short of this goal, please let us know.

If you’ve been searching for a biotech recruiter, you’ve found a market leader! Candidate or employer you’ll find a wealth of information about jobs, career advice, interview tips, CV preparation and much more.

Seltek was established in 1985 and the partners Guy Buncombe and Rod Lock have been involved in recruitment since the 1970s. Since our inception we have specialised in technical sales and marketing recruitment. Our service includes:

Recruiting: Contingency Database Search

Recruiting: Advertising & Selection

Recruiting: Retained Executive Search

Online personality testing

FREE job advertising

FREE online searchable database of candidates

FREE interviewing advice

Our Goal : Service and Results. We understand that the calibre of a company’s staff is probably the most important factor in determining their success. And for sales and marketing personnel, it’s critical! Therefore our goal is simple – to introduce candidates who have consistently performed at higher levels than average within your industry. Candidates who will go the extra mile to close that order, and who can work within your culture.

The Difference: The majority of our candidates are sourced through recommendation, referral and direct approaches to key individuals and high performers, not through advertising. Although advertising has its place, our clients are telling us that for those positions where specific skills and experience are required, advertisements can be expensive, time consuming and ineffective. And the reasons are clear. Most of the applicants replying to your advertisement will be unemployed, unqualified or unhappy in their work. Committed high calibre individuals are too busy producing results to be reading the situation columns in newspapers or magazines. However, if approached in the proper manner, these people will seriously consider career moves.

Market Specialists: Our consultants spend many hours each week getting to know and updating information on their market sector. So, whether it’s biotechnology, molecular biology or clinical research, they can advise on salary levels, skill availability, and may well be aware of specific individuals who meet or exceed your specification.

High Technology Systems: The human skills that we apply to our work – perceptive questioning of people and an in-depth understanding of their requirements – are amply backed up by one on the most powerful and sophisticated software systems available. The number one seller in America, it has an exceptional search engine specifically designed for the recruitment market, enabling us to identify suitable candidates from the 50,000 records we have available to us.

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