Seltek consultants have been a fantastic company in providing me with the opportunity to move from the academic world to a career in industry. I was a post-doctoral scientist for almost a decade and felt I may have missed my opportunity to enter the commercial science sector. However the fantastic Seltek website allowed me to download my CV and I was able to target it more specifically to the commercial sector with the help of a Seltek consultant.

The experience of Seltek in the science commercial sector, combined with their supportive staff make you feel that you have a good friend in helping you make the ‘right’ move’ into industry. Without doubt I would not have had the opportunity to meet high quality life science and diagnostic companies without their help. They organized and arranged interviews with some of the leading companies in the market place. By having this opportunity to meet a number of different companies you can make a better informed decision on the type of company that also best suits your needs. The support Seltek gives you before and after the interview is fantastic. They talk through the interview and this allows you to develop your interview technique and you also understand what each company is looking for. I was amazed how quickly my interviews were arranged by Seltek and this resulted in me being offered a position within a couple of weeks.

In conclusion Seltek provides an excellent service and partnership in providing a supportive environment to make the transition into the commercial sector. I thank my consultant and the staff of Seltek Consultants in giving me this opportunity to start my career in the diagnostic industry.


D.H. Bristol