I just wanted to wish you well in your new career path and to say thank you for all the help and support you have offered. It has been interesting getting the position at ***** which I would have over looked had you not chased me for my CV over the course of a number of weeks.

I have been impressed in the way in which you persevered on my behalf and what lengths you went to to ensure that all my queries were answered. You have restored my confidence in recruitment consultants!! I am sorry to hear that you are leaving recruitment as it is recruiters like you that give confidence to recruits like myself that the right role is not only out there but also that you are putting me in front of someone who is genuinely interested in my experience and not just seeing me for the sake of it. You are in fact the first recruiter who put me on the right track when it came to doing my presentation for the ***** role!

I have also felt comfortable in being honest with you about certain things and you did not make me feel that I did not have a right to express my opinion. So finally good luck and hope all goes as you wish!

K.K. Stevenage