“I’m sending a short testimonial in order to let others know how great Seltek Consultants have been during my job search and helping me to move from the academic world into a more industrial role, not such an easy task!

From the first day that I’ve been contacted by the Seltek recruiter, I felt his energy and determination in finding me the right job. He was great in listening to my requests, which was very important to me since I wanted to find almost a ’dream’ job (I felt that many other recruiters, from other recruitment agencies were very impersonal and uninterested in who I was and what I was looking for). I felt that I counted as a person, and not just one of 1000 job seekers. He was great in finding me several interviews in some great pharmaceutical companies. He also gave me the support before and after the interviews which was  fantastic. He talked me through the interview and this allowed me to develop my interview technique.

I was also amazed by how quickly my recruiter phoned me , after each interview and equally when I finally got offered the current position, it went only couple of hours before I got the great news.

Last but not the least, the welcome card that I found on my first working day, on my new desk was a final, but extremely nice touch! Thank you so much for your very appreciated help and keep up the good work and reputation that you have amongst the pharmaceutical world (indirect message from my colleagues J !)”

S.N. London