Testimonials Backup

J.J (Cambridge)

The service received from Tom was extremely productive. One of the main successes was Seltek’s ability to understand the true needs/wants of the candidate and employer. By investing time at the beginning and understanding the broader requirements, Seltek was able to reduce the time spent sourcing the right role. I found their ability to offer sound advice throughout the whole process extremely professional, both in terms of recruitment, and industry related advice. I was also extremely impressed with the help and guidance given when applying for specific roles, and interview preparation. In terms of negotiations, i found this was one of Seltek’s strengths, negotiating appropriately for both parties. Essentially, I found Seltek was committed to sourcing the right candidate for the right organisation.

T.D. (Leicester)

Tom has helped me extensively to not only prepare for interviews but also address what I am specifically looking for in a career and where I intend to be five years from the post then tailoring the jobs he puts me forward for based on my needs. I find this a trait grossly lacking from other recruitment consultancies and to be blunt it is the reason why I do not particularly like dealing with recruitment consultancies as I feel that the service is not personalised enough.

His understanding of being able to match up individuals to their roles is also complimented by his attention to detail when it comes to knowing the market, he evidently appreciates what employers are actually looking for. I would gladly seek Toms help and advice as I believe he can be trusted and respect his opinions on which companies to work for and how best to get ahead in my career. I look forward to doing business with him in the future

S.G. (Italy)

I’m writing to thank you for your irreplaceable help!

You’ve injected so much enthusiasm into me before my first interview, that I spread it back to the company, and I’ve been successful! You’ve been giving advices in a friendly way that I’ve felt free to ask you for help without any concern.

Your replies have been prompt and useful and your assistance, unique!

Thank you very much!

C.R. (Blackburn)
During my search for a new job Tom consistently stood out as the outstanding recruitment consultant of the people I was dealing with.

Tom was exemplary in every stage of my dealings with him and I would happily recommend him to anyone looking for a new job.

O.P. (Berkshire)
Excellent support and advices before the telephone interview. Professional and personalised, better than other consultants I have dealt with in the past. Good knowledge about the company they represent.

N.W. (Leeds)
They helped me prepare for my interview by running through several possible interview questions and scenarios, giving me useful feedback and a good insight into what to expect at each stage. They also clearly have a good working relationship with the company I was applying for and a detailed understanding of what the management are looking for in interview candidates, along with excellent background information about the company’s culture and how the organisation is positioned within the U.K market.

T.N. (Hertfordshire)
Caroline was friendly, approachable and always enthusiastic about finding me a great job. If I ever had any concerns about my interview technique, she’d always make time to walk me through likely questions and how best to answer them. Excellent service – thank you very much!

C.N. (Derbyshire)
I have been really pleased with the service that Seltek and in particular Tom Dolton has provided.

Tom has been supportive, informative and knowledgeable and incredibly efficient throughout the recruitment process. Even during holiday times, Tom has kept me up to date with the process and provided contacts for colleagues, who were equally as pleasant in his absence.

Tom’s knowledge of the company to which I was applying was second to none. He was able to provide me with all the information that I needed in order to be ready prepared for the interviews.

His rapport with the company was evident when attending my interview – they had complete trust in his judgement and service.

Having recently had dealings with other recruitment agencies, I have found the Seltek team to be of the highest calibre in comparison and will be recommending the company to colleagues and friends who are looking for their next move.

T.K. (Slough)

I felt that my consultant is a very hardworking recruitment consultant which is why I was successful at securing the job. I was impressed with his ability in liaising with the client and especially with his rapport building skills. I really liked my consultant coaching style and we both worked well together as a team. The initial screening call prepared me well for the interview and I felt this was because my consultant had excellent communication skills. My consultant was good at listening, advising me and supporting me through out the recruitment process. He is very knowledgeable about many different roles which gave me confidence about getting the right job.

J.R. (Wirral)

Tom’s advice most definitely prepared me for the interview process and helped me convert my enthusiasm in to a successful interview presentation.

The preparation for meeting my employers was key to my success.

…could not fault Tom as he was professional and courteous at all times. And patient.


S.S-A. (Wimbledon)

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Remained professional at all times and helped me thoroughly with interview preparations.


M.B. (Hampshire)

Tom is certainly an outstanding recruiter across all skill levels. His ability to go the extra mile hasn’t gone unnoticed. 


S.S. (Kent)

For me, I liked the patience shown by my consultant to find the right job role for me and take me through that process. Caroline was also able to provide lots of useful emotional and professional advice with regards to the job and interviews.

I am particularly impressed with how personal the service is from Seltek. I’ve had job applications with many recruitment agencies in the past, but beyond arranging dates for potential interviews, Seltek is the only agency I’ve gone through who have given me lots of practical advice, for example, for interviews, resigning from a current post, and what to expect from new employment.

Finally I’m very grateful that Seltek focuses on science based employment. It means they understand the sorts of jobs I should be suitable for, given my specific skill set within science. This is something I have found lacking in other recruitment agencies I’ve dealt with.


R.F. (West Yorkshire)

I felt comfortable with the fact that Tom was really knowledgeable about the industry he was dealing with. Information regarding the prospective company’s background and it’s personnel were supplied in good time and all communication was clear and concise. I would certainly recommend Tom and Seltek to anyone in the process of looking for a new position.

Thank you!


J.N. (Gloucestershire)

During the interview, I had the confidence that Seltek had portrayed my strengths to their utmost, they were fully briefed on my background and a strong connection had already been formed.


S.K.C (Warwickshire)


I have made many various applications over the last couple of years and never have I come across a recruitment agency who appears to be as proactive as yours. Within 20 minutes of making an application I had a call from one of your consultants who has arranged a call back at 2.30 today, following which I receive an email from yourself with actions marked out to escalate my requirements.

You must be proud of your Impressive team – and well done!!

Credit where it’s due.


M.C.B. (Staffordshire)

Very thorough, positive, helpful with suggestions for improving the presentation. Kept up to speed at all times.


J.T. (Scotland)

“I am indebted to Tom’s continual support and encouragement throughout the process from initial contact to post application, interview process and success! His professionalism, conscientiousness and level of communication ensured I was well informed at all times and completely focused.

Tom provided me with fantastic preparation assistance, ensuring I was organised in my own preparation and confident in my ability to succeed.

Tom does what he says he will do.

I highly recommend Tom to anyone wishing to forge a new or continuing career with the commercial healthcare clinical specialist field.”


S.L. (Gloucestershire)

Excellent communication throughout the process.

Preparation for interviews, including advice on interview technique/questions/example answers.
Agencies which I have dealt with in the past have over promised and not delivered on their promises, ‘not returned phone calls or emails’.

Tom delivered in all areas.I would not hesitate to reccommend Tom and Seltek


A.P.L. (Manchester)

I felt I had a lot of information all the time about the process. Tom Dolton was really helpful specially with the preparation of the job interview. Without his advice it wouldn’t had been the same. A big part of the success was due to him.


J.P. (Essex)

You matched my CV to a job I never thought of doing and I got the position.
I was supported through the whole interview process. You also negotiated a bigger salary for me, so thanks!


A.A. (Leverkusen, Germany)

Especially I liked that I was very well prepared for the interviews and that I was constantly in contact with my consultant all the time. Also I was very well supported, if I had any questions.


S.M. (London)

Seltek has supported my interview process in an outstanding manner! The recruiter has provided detailed information and precious advice that I believe have made a difference on the outcome of my job search: I got the job!


E.F. (London)

I felt you take care of candidates and help them through the process.


G.S. (Grenoble)

The two people from Seltek who followed me (mainly Mrs Searby but also Mr Peacock)were very good at finding positions that would match not only with my CV but also to my aspirations. They were very good listeners and were here for me at every step at the process. The candidate follow-up of Seltek is excellent. And you can tell companies know that and truly rely on them.


L.R. (Düsseldorf)

Very friendly and attentive, listened to my concerns and questions, close contact with me throughout the process.


J.P. (London)

Tom Dolton was very professional in the way he dealt with me and found a suitable vacancy. Moreover his interview preparation call with me was very effective and provided me with the right tips and guidance to clear the initial HR interview. Moreover he was really keen on getting me through the interview stage, that he wished & motivated me before the interview and also followed up with me after the interview to see how things went. Tom is the best recruiter I have worked with so far!


A.B. (Netherlands)

“Keeping me in the loop al the times.
Providing me with information, being a trustfull compagnion. Finding suitable positions. By me everything worked well.


S.J. (London)

“Unlike any other recruitment agent I have worked with, my consultant is in a league of his own.

I basically had a highly valuable adviser, consultant and confidant for FREE!!! He worked long and hard to get to know ME as a person instead of a commodity  which can be sold for quick profit.

He matched me with companies I would have never heard of. When I turned down the first job offer, my consultant went through the pros and cons of the job from my perspective and never once pressured me to take the job. These was followed with two offers, my consultant again went through so much detail to help me decide which one I wanted to accept.

Again no pressure!!! Even willing to go back and find me another match!!

Having got to know me a little bit better, he went back to the drawing board and came back with a perfect match!!!

I would recommend any serious candidate who wants to get in front of great companies to work with my consultant.

And likewise, any serious companies who don’t have the time to waste looking for their next superstar (I am getting there;) should consider my consultant’s as their greatest asset for years to come.

I would also like to express my gratitude to my consultant’s colleague who covered in his absence. I was impressed by all your attention to detail. I felt like the whole Seltek staff were working for me.”


M.M. (Northamptonshire)

The consultant Tom who dealt with my application was excellent. I received lots of support and encouragement where I needed it and found him very professional throughout. He helped me secure a new post in just one interview!


L.R. (East Sussex)

Communication of information was great and the help with interview prep was really useful…I had great service from Caroline!


J.U. (Germany)

My consultant was very enthusiastic and highly motivated.


K.T. (London)

Mr.Thomas Dolton was my first point of contact with Seltek. As a consultant he has done very good job in  helping me through out the process. I find him friendly and approachable with good understanding of current market. His professional manner has left very good impression about the company and the way they carry out business affair.


T.B. (Germany)

Seltek put an extreme effort into finding the right positions for me, and preparing me for the interviews with all relevant material and questions. Caroline came up with some very well-fitting jobs. I feel that Seltek really takes the time to find the right position very individually. We made some connection on a personal level.

E.P. (London)

From the moment I had my first telephone conversation with my consultant I knew that I was dealing with a very professional and thorough consultant. He took the time to truly find out what makes me tick and what I was really looking for in a position. When we started talking this was something that even I did not know, so we came to the conclusion together over time, which required perseverance, patience and some hard work on my consultant’s part. I received a very personal service, and kept myself on exclusive with my consultant such was my faith in him finding me a good position, which he has subsequently done. I would recommend my consultant to anyone looking to get a position in this field; it is encouraging to know that there are consultants around who do not run from a challenge, which my consultant embraced and overcame, delivering the results.

G.G. (Paris)

Everything was perfect such as :

– understanding of expectations

– role selection

– interviews preps

– follow up

– negotiations

Caroline is an excellent recruiter, she is very competent, positive and dynamic! It was a pleasure to deal with such a nice person.

A.G. (West Yorkshire)

What Seltek did well:

  • Learnt as much about myself as possible prior to finding jobs
  • Preparation for interviews
  • Continued support

A.L.S.L. (London)

Caroline really helped me to prepare for my interview well.  She was very nice and friendly.  It was a pleasure working with her

N.D. (Bedford)

Had an excellent insight into what to expect during interview. Priceless!

A.M. (Nottingham)
Caroline, did an exceptional job at really listening to my needs and providing me with detailed information throughout. The whole team have been very friendly and helpful.

M.B. (Bedfordshire)
It was a pleasure to work with seltek through out the process. Help and advice was given at every step. I have never felt so prepared for an interview as I have done when dealing with seltek.

F.G. (Italy)
I felt you did well from yours politeness, punctuality and seriousness.

G.S. (Somerset)
Excellent communications, Tom kept very me well informed at all times and guided me brilliantly with my interview technique. Tom did an excellent job from start to finish,very professional and freindly throughout the whole process.  Many many thanks.

J.N. (London)
Very personal contact; try to really understand what kind of job I am looking for and to find the right match; very helpful suggestions to improve my CV; great preparation advise for interview.

C.C. (Wiltshire)
Caroline at Seltek was quick to respond to my application query, provided lots of useful information and advice throughout the interview process and was generally very helpful and friendly. Her support and advice were invaluble and I am very much looking forward to starting my new job!
I could not have asked for better service.

E.G. (Italy)
******* was very friendly, helpful and nice all the time providing valuable suggestions about my CV and the interview.

A.C. (London)
Firstly I would like to once again thank your colleague ******** for her sterling work in helping me get this placement, she is by far the best recruitment consultant I have had the pleasure of working with…

J.C.G. (London)
I would like to tell  you that I already bought a car and I found a house to live in ******. I am starting work on the 5th of September and the truth is I am looking forward to it 🙂

Also I would like to tell you again thank you! I am really grateful for all the work you did!

E.B. (Reading)
I was really impressed with the service I received from Seltek, specifically from *********. She phoned me to discuss my CV and within 2 hours had lined up an interview. She gave me tips and guidance for the interview and kept in contact with me before and after. I had a 2nd interview and again ******** was very helpful. I was offered the job and accepted. I would highly recommend Seltek to anyone looking for a new job.

G.B. (Borehamwood)
I have been really impressed with the service I received from Seltek and could not find fault with any aspect of the service they provide.  Within a day of registering with Seltek I was put in contact with a recruitment consultant who went through my background and discussed possible roles I may be interested in. Within two weeks of submitting my CV I had two interviews lined up, one of which was for a company I had expressed a particular interest in working for.  Prior to both interviews my consultant was in continuous contact offering advice on the interview process, the questions I may be asked and providing useful background information about the companies. Thanks to the advice provided by my consultant I received a job offer from the company I wanted to work for.

From the day I registered with Seltek I found all members of staff to be friendly and committed to helping me find employment. After having received poor service from other recruitment agencies in the past I would definitely use Seltek again in the future.

T.H. (Huntington)
******** has done an excellent job! She is really helpful to help me findng a job. It is a pleasure to work with *******, as she is very professional, and efficient! And she has a lovely voice. 🙂

J.B. (Yorkshire)
I have been registered with many recruitment agencies since finishing university and many talked the talk but didnt walk the walk.

Seltek kept me informed at all times and eventually found me a job with a fantastic company and I am now really happy.

They might not have the correct job for everyone but that is inevitable, all I know is that their people seemed far more honest and open than the traditional YES men that other recruitment agenices are using.

Seltek found me my ideal job with a fantastic company and they can for you too.

K.K. (Stevenage)
I just wanted to wish you well in your new career path and to say thank you for all the help and support you have offered. It has been interesting getting the position at ***** which I would have over looked had you not chased me for my CV over the course of a number of weeks.

I have been impressed in the way in which you persevered on my behalf and what lengths you went to to ensure that all my queries were answered. You have restored my confidence in recruitment consultants!! I am sorry to hear that you are leaving recruitment as it is recruiters like you that give confidence to recruits like myself that the right role is not only out there but also that you are putting me in front of someone who is genuinely interested in my experience and not just seeing me for the sake of it. You are in fact the first recruiter who put me on the right track when it came to doing my presentation for the ***** role!

I have also felt comfortable in being honest with you about certain things and you did not make me feel that I did not have a right to express my opinion. So finally good luck and hope all goes as you wish!

E.G. (London)
Charlotte has been great in helping me through the interview process. I am yet to hear the outcome of the second interview but I feel like I had the best possible consultant to put me through the process. Charlotte helped me a lot with interview preparation and I felt I had a definite advantage as compared to other jobs I applied to. Other recruitment agencies have been very impersonal. Charlotte has always been very personable and encouraging. Thank you so much for all your help!

L.R. (Cambridge)
It was nice to have one person dealing with me and this person was always available to talk to and quick at getting back to me.

T.S. (London)
Charlotte helped me find my new position with ****** by paying particular attention to my exact requirements. She is honest, personable and always asks the right questions. She developed a good understanding of my needs and took a great deal of care to find the “best fit” for me. Her professionalism and knowledge of the life sciences industry, coupled with her wide reaching network, allowed me to secure a great job with the required remuneration and skill stretch. I’ve recommended her to colleagues looking to make a move.

J.C.P (Cayman Islands)
Identified the right job and matched both our needs

D.A. (France)
Confidence building, Regular and punctual communication. Helpful employment notes e.g how to manage telephone interviews … you do very well in the areas I have experienced.

F.X.O. (Germany)
Got me an interview in a record time.

G.H. (East Sussex)
I can’t comment on post interview aspects, as I have yet to be interviewed. My consultant is a credit to seltek…I wish all consultants were the same.

C.B. (Kent)
What can I say?  When the chips were down, and I needed to find a new role quickly, Seltek proved to be the best consultants out there.  Scott listened to my needs and concerns, and helped me find a role that I feel I can grow in, not just a job that paid the bills. Thanks again, I won’t hesitate to recommend them to my soon to be ex-colleagues!

I.M. (Liverpool)
Kept to deadlines that were promised, gave swift feedback following various interview stages, remained personable and professional, provided all information that was required at various stages………in summary, Seltek did everything very well indeed!

J.H. (London)
******** coupled a high level of professionalism with a personal touch to great effect. She was instrumental in my career development, fun to work with, highly motivated and knew how to get the best results. I wholeheartedly recommend her work at Seltek.

S.S. (Bedfordshire)
I would like to thank you for the time, effort and professional courtesy that you have given me whilst looking to find a suitable position, I know it has proven difficult, certainly during these economic times, but also my lack of ‘Scientific’ experience I know has not helped. I would have no hesitation in recommending yourself and organisation to anyone I know that may be looking for alternative employment in the future.

P.A. (Cambridge)
Thanks again for your support and advice; it was invaluable and a definite contribution to our success. I look forward to receiving the contract from ******.

B.B. (Hertfordshire)
I called just before Christmas to catch up with you but you were on leave. I had a nice chat with Guy and just asked him to thank you once again for the work you put into getting me my opportunity at ******.  Things are going really well with a great variety of experience and responsibility coming my way each week. I now have two direct reports which was something I was very keen to achieve albeit I did not expect this in such a short space of time. As ever you listened carefully to my career interests and aspirations and the result speaks for itself!

S.N. (London)
“I’m sending a short testimonial in order to let others know how great Seltek Consultants have been during my job search and helping me to move from the academic world into a more industrial role, not such an easy task!

From the first day that I’ve been contacted by the Seltek recruiter, I felt his energy and determination in finding me the right job. He was great in listening to my requests, which was very important to me since I wanted to find almost a ‘dream’ job (I felt that many other recruiters, from other recruitment agencies were very impersonal and uninterested in who I was and what I was looking for). I felt that I counted as a person, and not just one of 1000 job seekers. He was great in finding me several interviews in some great pharmaceutical companies. He also gave me the support before and after the interviews which was  fantastic. He talked me through the interview and this allowed me to develop my interview technique.

I was also amazed by how quickly my recruiter phoned me , after each interview and equally when I finally got offered the current position, it went only couple of hours before I got the great news.

Last but not the least, the welcome card that I found on my first working day, on my new desk was a final, but extremely nice touch! Thank you so much for your very appreciated help and keep up the good work and reputation that you have amongst the pharmaceutical world (indirect message from my colleagues J !)”

V.D. (Leicester)
… I would also like to thank you for all the help you have given me with the ****** interview. You have always been very helpful and quick to respond to any of my queries…

M.C. (Thame) 
Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for all your hard work! I’ve really enjoyed my first week at ****** and am delighted with the seamless transition into the role. Thanks for your support.

D.M. (Bristol)
I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for passing on ******’s message last night. Interview feed back of any form is very useful (especially when it is good) and I am most grateful.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank both you and your colleagues again for all your hard work pre and during this process. I have had experience with several recruitment agencies recently and I must say you have had the best employee service of all- a thorough and professional service.

D.B. (Preston) 
I’m really sorry to spring this on you at the last minute, but I’ve received an amazing job offer, so there isn’t any point in wasting ******’s time this morning. I’ll try your phone at a more reasonable hour. Thanks ever so much for your help – you’ve been the best agent by a long way.

H.M. (Sheffield)
I just want to thank you for passing my details onto ****** at ******. I am pleased to say I have accepted a job with ****** as UK Sales manager and am really happy. You have been really good and supportive -thanks for all your help

J.M. (London)
Thank you for the card on tuesday morning. It is a very very busy week and it will be the same for the next few weeks. I will leave for San Francisco on sunday for two weeks for the first part of the training. I am very happy with this new job, I am sure, I will enjoy it. Thank you very much for your help.

D.H. (Bristol)
Seltek consultants have been a fantastic company in providing me with the opportunity to move from the academic world to a career in industry. I was a post-doctoral scientist for almost a decade and felt I may have missed my opportunity to enter the commercial science sector. However the fantastic Seltek website allowed me to download my CV and I was able to target it more specifically to the commercial sector with the help of a Seltek consultant.

The experience of Seltek in the science commercial sector, combined with their supportive staff make you feel that you have a good friend in helping you make the ‘right’ move’ into industry. Without doubt I would not have had the opportunity to meet high quality life science and diagnostic companies without their help. They organized and arranged interviews with some of the leading companies in the market place. By having this opportunity to meet a number of different companies you can make a better informed decision on the type of company that also best suits your needs. The support Seltek gives you before and after the interview is fantastic. They talk through the interview and this allows you to develop your interview technique and you also understand what each company is looking for. I was amazed how quickly my interviews were arranged by Seltek and this resulted in me being offered a position within a couple of weeks.

In conclusion Seltek provides an excellent service and partnership in providing a supportive environment to make the transition into the commercial sector. I thank my consultant and the staff of Seltek Consultants in giving me this opportunity to start my career in the diagnostic industry.

L.K. (London) 
At the beginning of the year I moved from France to London ………………………..
………………………After a thorough web search about job hunting, science and England I found Seltek Consultants and register my profile on the web site. Couples of month after I have been contacted by a consultant looking for someone to apply for a Technical Application Specialist position. The position was really nice and I applied. The consultant helped me from the first interview until the final discussion with the company. He gave full information about the company, the team I was going to work with and of course the job by itself. He provided me a lot of material to read about interviewing and presentation as well as personal advices. He also helped me a lot to manage my stress during all the hiring process…………….
……………….Now it’s over 3 months that I am working with the company and I was please to see that everything turn out to be as the consultant told me. I like the job and feel good in my new position. I appreciate Seltek Consultants work a lot and I have recommend this agency to some of my friends.

M.M. (Buckinghamshire) 
I would like to thank Seltek Consultants, particularly ***** who has provided me all the help and advice necessary to get me a really good job with Sigma-Aldrich. I was fascinated by the professional service and the screening process carried out by Seltek to place the right people at the right place. The staffs are very helpful and to be honest I did not come across an agency like Seltek. I would like to recommend Seltek to those who are currently hunting for jobs…Get register and start preparing for your 1st interview!

H.T. (Kent)
Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the efforts with *******, I am so pleased! It is a fantastic package. I have told ***** and ***** I won’t be taking theirs, and cancelled an interview with ***** next week. I am so excited about the role and just glad we could sort it all after the references fiasco etc. Thanks again for all your help.

S.T. (Kent)
Thank You! I had my first day today with ********. Needless to say – very busy! I am thoroughly enjoying it so far & really excited about the future

E.S. (Leamington Spa)
Changing your job or career can be quite traumatic however I have always found that Seltek Consultants have been able to offer excellent support during the whole process. Seltek Consultants listen carefully to your needs ensuring that they match you to the most appropriate opportunity. Seltek Consultants will not try to push you into an interview where the fit between employer and employee is less than ideal.

F.S. (Manchester)
Although I have only been with my new company for a week I know that it was the right move to make. I am enjoying it already. Thank you again for helping me find a new position so quickly after being made redundant. You were very helpful and always had good advice for me. If I ever need (hopefully not) to look for another sales position Seltek will be the first recruitment company I shall ring.

Thank you very much for your guidance while I was in England looking for a job.  Your help regarding the Biotech job market in England and tips about the interview process assisted me in landing my job at *******.  I was very impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of the Biotech network that your firm presented.  If I need help in the future, I would definitely utilize your services. Thanks for everything.

A.B. (Harrow) 
This is just a quick e-mail, after having completed my first week at *******. I am truly enjoying my new role with *******, which you helped me secure. More than anything I cannot wait to get out onto the road and start selling the exciting products that we have, though I guess it is very important to be fully trained first. I just wanted to take this opportunity to formally thank you for your help in securing my new role. I would definitely recommend Seltek to friends and colleagues should the opportunity arise.

O.D. (London)
The friendly, efficient and professional service from my Seltek agent, was invaluable during my job search. Seltek’s specialist knowledge enabled them to match me with an exciting job opportunity in record time. I believe that the pre-interview preparation with my consultant was a major factor in my being offered the position. Seltek really helped to take the anxiety out of the job search process.

K.S. (Waltham Cross)
Thanks again Scott, I will be highly recommending Seltek.

N.S. (Oldham)
I’m extremely busy and I’m working on some excellent prospects. It’s all so very exciting. I think my boss is happy with my efforts. I love this job and I can’t believe I didn’t consider sales earlier in my career.

L.S. (Glasgow)
A big thank you for finding me the position at ****. You have worked very hard on me and I’m very grateful.

C.M. (Scotland)
I have dealt with a number of recruitment consultants within a number of different recruitment agencies, and I can comfortably say that the level of service I received far exceeds that which I have received anywhere else.

H.L. (London)
Dear Everyone at Seltek, just a little card to tell you how thankful I am for all your help. I’m looking at a bright future thanks to you. I couldn’t have done it without you.