The Hotsheet August 2013

Expansion of Seltek’s Medical Recruitment Team!

Nicolle ChapmanWe are delighted to welcome Nicolle Chapman to the Seltek team. As part of our daily work, we meet and interview a great many young people at the dawn of their careers, but none has stood out quite like Nicolle.

Whilst she looks like an English rose – the sort that would win first prize at The Chelsea Flower Show – she possesses a steely determination and powers of perception that one might find in an industry veteran … more


Important & Urgent: The Science of Prioritising!

It is crucial to identify the difference between important and urgent events and to deal with them in the correct order.

Failure to understand the difference between important and urgent will inevitably lead to a lot of time being wasted, and severe loss of opportunity for all concerned.

Volumes of learned prose and pretty diagrams are available in Mr Google’s Great Store of Wisdom, if you put ‘important urgent’ into your computer’s browser. I wouldn’t want to infringe any copyright laws, so you can look them up for yourselves; but essentially, the pecking order is thus … more


Maximising Networking and Future Opportunities: Why Conferences Matter!

Scientists can often be in a tricky situation when searching for new employment, as such a highly specialised skill set might at first be thought to be limiting when it comes to exploring opportunities outside the lab. In addition to a number of useful tips that can be adopted when seeking greener pastures, it can certainly be of benefit to make sure you take advantage of any networking opportunities, whenever they may crop up. Conferences are often a great place for putting the feelers out for the future, and making contacts that could benefit your career later on … more


Congratulations to Andy Murray!

Regular readers of this Hotsheet will know that The Editor has supported Andy Murray (and predicted his success) on many occasions in the past. It was therefore with great delight that I watched him win the Mens Singles Tennis Championship at Wimbledon recently … more


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