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Here’s the latest news, jobs and candidates from Seltek.The Importance of First Impressions!
Depending on your views about where we all came from, life on Earth has been evolving for 3.6 billion years. Mankind has been sauntering around for a mere 200,000 years. Modern thinking has been going on for less than that. It is therefore clear that the instincts by which we make our decisions are much more established forces than the intellect with which we ‘rationalise’ our decisions. When we first meet someone, our instincts tell us within a microsecond what we feel about that person…
Furst Impressions from Your CV!
How negative did you feel about this article (and/or its author!) because of the ‘typo’ in the headline? (Yes, of course I know how to spell ‘First’ !)In our work at Seltek Consultants, we see thousands of CVs every year. And we understand that when Joe Bloggs sends us his CV, as well as telling us about his history, experience and qualifications, he is also saying: This is the best representation of me that I can produce! This is as good as it gets where Joe Bloggs is concerned! …Southcott Wins Consultant of the Year Award! 
At the Annual General Meeting held in January, the directors thanked and congratulated the Seltek team on producing a magnificent 24.8% annual increase in revenues 2012/2011Special mention was made of the following personnel:

Most Improved Consultant of the Year: Caroline Searby (79% increase second half to first half)

Most Active Consultant of the Year: Tom Dolton (25% ahead of his nearest rival!)


New Website for Seltek Consultants 
Seltek has had a presence on the internet since 1997. Here’s a snapshot of our website in April 1999 from the Wayback Machine … even the Wayback Machine doesn’t go back to 1997!

We’ve always designed and developed the website in-house and have no plans to change that in the near future. “Managing the website in-house gives us a level of control that would be impossible if we were to hand it over to a web design company” says IT Manager – Steve Page.

In the very early days, the website was developed using the free WYSIWYG editor that came with Netscape Navigator (when Netscape was king of the browsers and nobody had even heard of Internet Explorer!). More recently we’ve used Dreamweaver for the clean HTML coding it generates. And we’ve ALWAYS focused on speed and ease of use in preference to slow loading images or flash presentations. All Change …

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