The World’s Longest CV – Record Smashed!

Here at Seltek, we have recently received what we believe to be the world’s longest CV! It ran to 37 pages, thus surpassing our previous ‘best’ of a mere 17 pages.

It has put me in mind to appraise you (the reading and CV-toting public) of a few home truths about CVs, because in general , the CVs we receive are a motley bunch indeed!

Obviously the way you express yourself in a CV is a highly personal affair, and of course you can do it any which way you like! Just don’t be surprised if you don’t get invited to all the interviews you’d like to go to.

We read dozens of CVs every day, and speak to dozens of employers every day about CVs and their attitudes regarding CVs, so whilst I will not claim that the following comments are in any way a definitive truth, frankly, they’re pretty close to the mark … Read More

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